Drone Pilot For Hire - Drone Inspections By A Certified Professional

Have you found a talented drone pilot? Drone pilots deserve an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and we're here to make sure they get one!

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Drone Pilots for hire

Drone Pilots for hire

Who would have thought hiring a skilled drone pilot was such a challenge? The demand for licensed drone pilots is a big business, and new jobs are created every day; but how do you know you’ve found a talented pilot? Drone pilots deserve an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and we're here to make sure they get one!

 As a drone pilot operator, I hope this site helps you hire a skilled drone pilot, whether they’re local or not. Our mission is to find licensed pilots to record aerial footage for your venue. We’re building an extensive network of licensed drone pilots in your area that are available for hire. Unfortunately, not all drone pilots are licensed. Non-licensed pilots are not legally allowed to be hired for jobs. That is why, with proper vetting, we hope our licensed and insured pilots are able to get you the video footage you need. Professionals, like realtors, advertising agencies, oil companies, architects, construction firms, and developers are looking for aerial video to bring insight into their business. Our pilots are insured and carry a valid remote drone license. There are many drone hobbyists that solicit services and advertise free videos where they only charge for editing the drone video to escape the law that prevents them from selling their videos. Either way, if you want aerial video, why not get a licensed pilot to capture your video the right way on the first try?

The best way to detect these hobbyists is to ask the person you are speaking with to show you their license. Most pilots are proud to show you their remote pilot identification. If they have a license, when was their last job?. Can they show you footage of their previous jobs? Do they have multiple drones? We do! 

Many would-be hobbyists do not fly safely because they are not familiar with current laws. This can be an issue for many reasons. By having unlicensed individuals capture the skyview of your property, you run risks of liability if they cause damage or worse. Our licensed pilots are top notch. We capture a skyview of your wedding, well site, construction site, or venue. We are able to ensure our licensed pilots capture the perfect video for your specific event. We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all work and strive to be better than our competitors. There aren’t many venues our pilots won’t fly because they know how to get permission to record your event. Our drone pilots serve all the DFW metroplex and areas surrounding Wildomar, California. Hiring a drone pilot is hard enough, but finding one that is licensed, skilled, and affordable can be a challenge. We’ve done the research for you. We have vetted hundreds of drone pilots and narrowed it down to the best of the best. All you need to do is pick your location and we will find you a qualified pilot to fit your needs.



Our First Drone Videos

Our first videos were recorded for our friends and family as a hobby for skyview outings. This is when we realized the commercial demand for “Drone pilots for hire.” The skyview concept is not only satisfying but an inspiring way to capture your experience.

Initially, we flew for free to expand our techniques and know how to qualify a trusted drone pilot. 

We have come a long way since our start and have many missions from roof inspections, boat trips, desert adventures. This is what we do and we are good at it!